Proposed Title Change

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About Boston Wedding Group
At Boston Wedding Group, we believe that couples should focus on their happiness in the months and weeks leading up to their wedding. That’s why we built an organization dedicated to directing couples straight to vendors who have already been evaluated for professionalism, quality of product and service, and ethical business practice.
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Boston Wedding Group Vendors
The vendors in Boston Wedding Group treat your big day like it’s their own. Each vendor is carefully evaluated by our Board of Directors for their close attention to detail and their steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. While members of Boston Wedding Group, each vendor is required to uphold our Code of Ethics to further reinforce their commitment to smooth and unencumbered wedding planning. Nearly every category has no more than three vendors in each, ensuring that we can stay hyper-focused on selecting only the stellar standouts in every field.
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Vendor Spotlight
[This content will change on a regular basis. Use Johnson Photography, the one currently on the home page, for mockup purposes. If BWG no longer wishes to use this feature, just drop the banner.]
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Hear From Happy Couples

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