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Reference Range

Veneta Masson Your tests show the numbers 73, 90, 119 and 2.5, the letter A,the color yellow,a straight line interrupted by a repeating patternof steeples and languid waves,a gray asymmetrical ovalfilled with fine white tracery,35 seconds,100 millimeters,II. I’m not sure what to make of these.With the possible exception of II,which like all Roman numeralsis subject to misinterpretation,I see no cause for alarm.I admit to a preference for low numbers,the apothecary system over the metric(my age,

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A Certain Anesthesia

Arthur Ginsberg Exhaustion sets in by day’s end when the old Pakistani woman hobbles into my office. Raccoon eyes underscore the pain she feels in her left leg. More cavalier than a Hippocratic disciple should be, I pull up her djellaba* to expose the dark, tumescent flesh of her calf monogrammed by serpiginous veins. I am too aggressive with the needles that search for the source of the white-hot poker lancinating from ankle to groin,

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Redesigning the practice of medicine

Pamela Mitchell what if we went slowly thoughtfullyabout the business of healingwhat if I bowedto you and you to mebefore we touched aching bodies what if we saidout loudthisis sacred workmight I be madeworthy what if I blessed your handsand you minebefore we began repairingdeliveringdressinglistening to broken bodieshungry souls would we then returnto the placewhere so long agowe felt called where we knew for sure thatwe did indeedhave hearts hearts that beat confidentlyfullof ambition hearts

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